Let’s face it, training people can often be a real drag.

 It’s repetitive, labour intensive, time consuming and expensive. Not only that, it’s often inconsistent and uninspiring for learners. The good news? eLearning offers another way.

Welcome to All is Light Digital & eLearning

Define Define

We meet to define your eLearning goals, discuss needs, identify learners, talk budgets, and set timelines. It’s important that you get to know us and we get to know you.

Develop Develop

We fire up the creative juices and create a prototype of your eLearning course based on all your requirements. We then fine tune it until it’s ready to go.

Deliver Deliver

Your eLearning course is delivered to a website or a Learning Management System (LMS). We monitor it during an evaluation period to ensure everything is hunky dory.

What do you need?


Online tools

Create online tools for staff inductions, product training, course delivery, and so much more.

Specialised courses

Take your intellectual property and amassed expertise and convert it into an online course to be delivered to any audience you wish.

On campus to on line

Take your on-campus courses and transform them to online training, and increase your student numbers and revenue dramatically.

Streamline Inductions

Streamline training to offer repetitive training and make it consistent.

Online presentation

Use  eLearning to create powerful online presentations that can be delivered locally, nationally and globally.

Offer variety

Offer your existing students an opportunity to take their course by distance education and avoid loss of enrolments due to time or distance.

Economy of scale

Increase human resource efficiency by training multiple staff at one time.

Classroom activities

Design online courses that can reinvigorate classroom training with engaging presentations and activities for students of any age.

Flip your classroom

Allow students to learn their new topics at home and use the classroom to reinforce and test through activites and exercises.

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