5 Ways eLearning Can Save You Money

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eLearning is a great way for you to deliver training these days. It's modern, online, interactive and very engaging for your learners.

News flash! It also saves you money big time. Here are just 5 ways eLearning can save you money and improve business' bottom line.

#1 Streamline your training

As most of us know, face-to-face training is expensive and resource heavy. Simply getting your trainers  (or yourself) up to speed to deliver relevant training costs money and time.

eLearning saves you time and money by delivering training both online and with consistency.

One well constructed and quality eLearning package can be rolled out across your business, be it large or small.

This saves an enormous amount of time and money rather than having your face-to-face trainers do it. The eLearning can also serve as a foundation, that​ your face-to-face trainers then work from.

#2 Staff Retention

​Acquiring quality staff costs money and there is little more disheartening to train a new person in your business, only to have them leave soon after

Lack of training is often a reason people decide to leave a  job. It can result in them feeling unsupported and lead to tension and disharmony in your organisation. 

It's not that you don't want  to train your staff.  Its just a lot of businesses simply don't have the man power to do it properly. In addition, what you think is being delivered as good training by your people, may not actually be that at all. Especially if  those doing the training are not themselves trained well.

​The bottom line is that staff retention can save you an awful lot of money. eLearning  assists this by ensuring your people are well trained and supported in area such as organisational culture, OH&S, procedures and product training, to mention just a few.

#3  Reduce re-training costs

​eLearning can bring amazing consistency to your training and courses. You craft your message in a very clear and detailed way, and then be confident this is exactly what is delivered time and time again.

Traditional training is often compromised by  inconsistency in content, message and delivery. These can be minor inconsistencies, but they can also be very big ones, resulting in the need to re-train people.

It's expensive and time consuming enough to do it once. To do it multiple times can be very disheartening.

eLearning allows you do it once, and do it right. You can ensure your message is exactly what you want and then deliver precisely that.  This can have a huge cost saving for your business​

#4  Automation and reporting

Because eLearning is delivered online, it lends itself perfectly to automation and trackable reporting.

Automating business processes can generate big cost savings, as well as freeing up resources, which can be better used elsewhere.

Reporting and tracking results in your business allows you to identify trends and then respond accordingly. With face-to-face training, problems can go undetected (sometimes for years) because there is often no focus on accurately tracking results. 

eLearning allows you to see what's happening across a range of parameters, enabling you to cut off any potential issues before they arise, or become more serious. 

Depending on the severity of the issue, this can save your business a lot of money.

#5  Zero course intake restrictions

This is more of a money maker than a money saver, but I felt a good one to finish on none the less.

Face-to-face courses often have intake dates or times within which participants must join. Alternatively, training in your business might rely upon certain people for delivery, who have limited availability.

The problem in today's world of online 'want in now' culture, is most people don't take to waiting very kindly. If you say to your potential customer, "come back in 3 months for the next intake", you may very well never see that person again.

eLearning courses and training are flexible and can be started at anytime. There is no intake period. In addition, online learning offers flexibility to study at your own pace. This gives participants many more options to say yes to your course.

Online delivery via eLearning removes barriers for people to sign up to your courses and training, and this definitely makes your business money.

So there you have it. 5 ways eLearning can save you money.

They are relatively simple, yet can have a profound effect on your business and importantly, your bottom line.

Contact us here at Inspire eLearning to see how eLearning can work for you and your business. Who knows, you might save some dollars along the way, and who wouldn't want that ?​

What makes a great eLearning course?

I’ve been both a student and a course administrator of eLearning courses.

I have personally taken an eLearning course that was sold as an online course, but was little more than a pdf of a book, slapped together with an assignment to accompany it. This to me is the laziest and worst form of eLearning, and in fact isn’t truly eLearning at all. This particular one was sold from an eLearning course onseller, so there was very little student support. There was no contact from the RTO and I did not complete the course.

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